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eutical drug that is equivalent in ▓dosage, strength, quality, and intended use t


r receptor EGFR, whose▓ function is to put the brakes on cell growth. In non-small-▓cell lung cancer, the mutation of EGFR leads to a proliferation of cells, forming fatal tumors.Lung cancer kil▓ls mor

e people than any other ca

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ncer in China.About 591,000 people die from lung cancer in China ▓every year, according to the national c▓ancer center. There are about 733,000 new cases every year.Targeted therapy has emerged over the

past decade as a promisin

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g treatment for adva▓nced lung cancer patients, those wh▓o do not respond well to chemotherapy. The price of targeted therapy drugs is exorbitant for most working class families.The gefitinib targeted t

herapy proved so popular

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that in 2014 a Chinese char▓ity began helping lung cancer patients who could not afford to buy the drug. The cost for a week▓'s dosage exceeds 10,000 yuan (1,470 U.S. dol▓lars).Qilu's general manager Li Yan s

aid▓ Yiruike, at less tha